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Life without internet access

I have just been in Melbourne on holiday for six days (planned well before being selected as a FLLinNZ!) and have suffered severe internet withdrawal. The budget hotel we stayed at told me there was no internet access from my room but I could use their coin operated computer which cost a fortune. This however didn’t stop me – I pulled apart the phone connection in my room, found a Dick Smith electronics store, bought the correct phone connection and purchased prepaid internet access through Optus, only to find nothing worked because the hotel was operating an old PABX telephone system. For my next trip I am making sure my hotel room has internet access!

I found the prepaid internet connection option a great idea. I paid AUD$19.95 for 25 hours of internet access which I have yet to have had the priviledge of using though. You receive a CD ROM with all the instructions on how to set it up and it seems to be incredibly straightforward. Have a look at www.optus.com.au. Other telecommunication companies offer similar deals.

By the way I found very few internet cafes around the city. When I inquired about this I was told that there had been a glut of them so some started closing down and now the situation was the complete opposite.

It was weird not being online at all over this past week. I had set up this blog to start recording my experiences and thoughts and then I had to do without. My laptop however was put to good use as I downloaded all the pictures I had taken with my new digital camera I was given, for my birthday a week ago.

I should have made the most of the break away from the internet because now I have so much to do I am not exactly sure where to start. I am in the thick of planning visits and trying to juggle lots of things at once. I can see I am already back into bad habits of staying up late to get things done!

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