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I know what you are thinking – what does a song made famous by Gladys Knight and the Pips have to do with anything? Read on and find out…

I bought a newspaper yesterday (as you already know this is now an uncommon act for me) and as I lay on the floor reading it this morning with my cup of coffee I had to laugh at an item that appeared in the Oddspot column of the World News. It was headed Thank you, Yahoo:

A Romanian couple who met on the Internet have named their first baby Yahoo as a sign of gratitude. Cornelia and Nonu Dragoman, from Transylvania, decided they were meant for each other after a three-month Net relationship, a Bucharest newspaper reported. They married and about christmastime had a boy, whom they named after the web’s popular portal. “We named him Lucian Yahoo after my father and the Net, the main beacon of my life.” Mrs Dragoman said.
The Dominion Post

The internet has permeated the normal everyday aspects of our lives whether people are aware of it or not.

It made me think about how my foray into finding out more about how communication technologies are impacting on the way we live, work and learn had an unexpected bonus – I met my husband.

I have been studying my Master of Communication degree at Victoria University of Wellington. The classes for this degree were unlike any others I had ever taken before. We had students based in Wellington who attended the lecture in the usual f2f way. However, we also had distance students participating in the class via the internet in real time. Our on-campus room was set up with a camera to record everything and we had to speak into a microphone anytime we wanted to contribute anything in class. I was fascinated by the experiences of the distance students so I communicated with them by email. This was my first flexible learning experience as a student and I was hooked. It turned out that my future husband was amongst this group of distance students.

Thanks to flexible learning we communicated, connected and were married in April 2003. You’ll be pleased to know though that we were both physically present for the wedding ceremony¬†– the internet was nowhere to be seen.

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