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Merry Christmas

Christmas in New Zealand - the Pohutukawa tree

Sretan Božić

Merry Christmas

I have only ever experienced Christmas in New Zealand. Christmas has always been for me a time of family, reflection, and being thankful for what I have. It is summer in our part of the world. There are no fires to sit in front of. There is no snow. It is warm not cold. Instead, we all wish that Christmas Day will be a wonderful sunny day. Many people don’t even have the traditional sit down meal but opt for a barbeque either at home or at the beach. Everywhere you go you will see the Pohutukawa Tree – our New Zealand native Christmas tree. I love its bright red flowers. Most people think of Christmas as a time away from work to relax and enjoy life.

Wherever you are and whatever you are doing I wish you all the best at this special time of year. No matter what your spiritual beliefs are, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your families peace, love and joy which I hope stays with you throughout the coming year.

Take care and look after each other.

New Zealand's native Christmas tree - the Pohutukawa
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