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Final thoughts for 2005

2005 is fast coming to a close. I am sitting here reflecting on what has been an incredibly busy and intense year, and I can’t help wondering what 2006 will bring for me. I am typically morose at this time of year because I tend to dwell on what I haven’t achieved rather than on what I have achieved. It is always seems so much easier to beat yourself up and be negative instead of celebrating the successes no matter how small these are.

Just before Christmas I was looking through my digital photos as I was searching for images to print off for an album I was creating for my mother as a gift. I must admit I enjoy no longer having to look through packets of photos which haven’t yet been put in albums and then try to find the matching negative to get a print of the photograph.

I stumbled across a series of photos of our garden taken at this time last year. I looked at them initially and wondered where this place was, before I realised it was our home. The colours were beautiful. I remember enjoying sitting out there last summer feeling immediate calm in my beautiful surroundings.

A loved and well tendered garden

Colour everywhere

Brings a smile to my face

I looked out the window at this same garden, except it was one year later. I realised this described 2005 for me perfectly:

The neglected garden

Where have all the flowers gone?

My poor herb garden has been taken over by weeds

Wow, what a year I have had and there is no immediate let up. Mostly though this image of our garden is a reflection of what happens when both you and your husband are studying and trying to complete your Masters degrees. There are so few hours at either end of the working day and this year most of them were spent in front of a computer for both of us. As a consequence our beautiful garden has had to take a backseat, as have so many other things in our lives.

It never ceases to amaze me how nature continues to do its thing no matter what. Our garden may not look as pretty but it has survived and will continue to do so no matter what we do or do not do. It may not be exactly the kind of garden we would like but it is still a garden. All it will take to restore it is some hard work, love and attention. Every now and again you find a treasure – a beautiful flower that has raised its head to let us know it is still there. Isn’t this so much like our lives? Do we recognise the treasures and acknowledge them. Weeds are flowers too. They are simply growing in the wrong place, from our perspective off course, and not theres.

So many wonderful things have happened this year for us as individuals and as a family. I am heading into 2006 with renewed optimism for an even better year ahead. I can almost guaranetee it will be filled with ups and downs. However, I hope to still be here this time next year, just as my garden is, ready to face whatever lies ahead and also ready to put what has been behind me.

In 2006, I want to tend my garden, in all its various shapes and forms.

I hope your New Year starts in a way that excites you and that this excitement continues throughout the rest of the year.

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