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Lynsey and I are home alone. The kids have gone away on holiday together. We have stayed behind so I can work – mind you Lynsey is busy working too, but on other projects. It is so exciting that the kids get on so well and care for each other as they do. I don’t remember ever going away with my sisters for a holiday like this so I have suggested it – a girl’s adventure now that we are older and wiser sounds like so much fun. My suggestion was greeted with a mixed reaction. This has not deterred me because a seed has been planted so who knows where it might lead.

While visiting Auckland Zoo my daughter took this photo for me. She obviously reads my blog! She saw this quote painted on a wall of corrugated iron in the section of the zoo devoted to animals from Australia, referred to as the Aussie Walkabout.

Dreaming is a source of wisdom

Messages are everywhere when you open your eyes and minds! I find it interesting how things connect together.

As I was writing this post I was reminded of George Siemen’s Theory of Connectivism. This is worth a read for anyone interested in learning and the changes technology are bringing to that process.

Connectivism is driven by the understanding that decisions are based on rapidly altering foundations. New information is continually being acquired. The ability to draw distinctions between important and unimportant information is vital. The ability to recognize when new information alters the landscape based on decisions made yesterday is also critical.

Principles of connectivism:

  • Learning and knowledge rests in diversity of opinions.
  • Learning is a process of connecting specialized nodes or information sources.
  • Learning may reside in non-human appliances.
  • Capacity to know more is more critical than what is currently known.
  • Nurturing and maintaining connections is needed to facilitate continual learning.
  • Ability to see connections between fields, ideas, and concepts is a core skill.
  • Currency (accurate, up-to-date knowledge) is the intent of all connectivist learning activities.
  • Decision-making is itself a learning process. Choosing what to learn and the meaning of incoming information is seen through the lens of a shifting reality. While there is a right answer now, it may be wrong tomorrow due to alterations in the information climate affecting the decision.

The starting point of connectivism is the individual. Personal knowledge is comprised of a network, which feeds into organizations and institutions, which in turn feed back into the network, and then continue to provide learning to individual. This cycle of knowledge development (personal to network to organization) allows learners to remain current in their field through the connections they have formed.

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