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Water, water everywhere

Huka Falls

I think I should re-title this blog posting to: Paper, paper everywhere!

Over the last three days I have concentrated on nothing else but my writing. I am now getting excited. The thoughts are flowing as are the words. All the reading, the thinking, the discussing, the agony, the fear, is all coming to something. I have to admit though that navigating the flow is more challenging than I would ever have imagined. I keep asking myself how could something so straightforward be so difficult. Then I stop and think about the rest of my life experiences and wonder how I could have been so naive. Anything worth doing takes time energy and lots of work. I am not one to give up, so I am paddling as fast and as hard as I can.

My life is almost totally focused on one thing these days – getting this research written and handed in. Then I might be able to start my year properly by celebrating in style. This feels like baggage from last year that I need to deal to as soon as possible. It is a bit like my suitcase, from my trip to Brisbane in December, which is still not fully unpacked. Maybe I have left it there on purpose – to remind me of the dream I have to visit friends who are living in New York. Yes, the dreams are popping up now and then when I give them some space and I acknowledge their exsitence. However, the reality is that life has been so busy there are lots of little things that have had to wait. I am working from a priority list at the moment and anything that doesn’t feature on it has been put on hold.

Today was my first day back at work. There were very few people there. Most of the staff are still away on holiday. The place was almost deserted. I wanted to be home writing. Things were whirling around in my head. I was on that river only I didn’t realise it. I had my first phone conversation of the year with a student. It was great to know someone else was out there studying. One of the emails that awaited me was from a student working on her assessment on New Year’s Eve. I had an immediate connection with her. Now how many people would have been doing that – she was and so was I. The year has definitely got under way.

Huka Falls

Just look at the power in that water. Little would you know what lies beneath that calm surface as it meanders its way to its destination. I am getting there and it feels great.

These photos are of Huka Falls, Taupo, New Zealand. Huka Falls are situated within the heart of New Zealand’s geothermal region. More than 220,000 litres of water tumbles over this cliff face per second. It is a beautiful place to visit. The noise of the water alone surprises you. The breathtaking beauty is clearly visible. You can go on jet boat rides down the river. The challenge of navigating this river has been the dream of many.

For many years people have been looking and longing to conquer the awesome power and beauty of the Huka Falls. For many paddlers, “Huka” has seemed the ultimate challenge – the last remaining dream. Read the rest of the story

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