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The real thing

This evening I went to listen to Andrew Thompson be interviewed by Chris Laidlaw for a Radio New Zealand programme which will be broadcast at a later date. The National Library Auditorium was packed to capacity with organisers having to turn people away.

Something that Andrew said took me back to my previous posting on the wrestling and the discussion of whether experiencing a real event was the same as seeing it through someone else’s eyes. Andrew was describing what it was it was like when he arrived in Cambodia as a young doctor. He made that comment that “until you see it and smell it, it means nothing”. He went on to explain that reading books about Cambodia and talking to people about what was happening did not prepare him for the reality of what he faced. The reality was completely different and far worse than he had ever imagined..

As usual my husband Lynsey took away different impressions from this event. This is another example of two people attending the same thing and walking away thinking about completely different aspects of what they saw, heard and experienced. This is what learning is all about – especially adult learning. The best part is sharing what you have learnt with others..

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