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Moments in time

We were sharing a sisterly moment. We had both just attended the most inspirational workshop facilitated by Trevor Romain on writing memoirs. We wanted to talk about it. The sound of my sister’s mobile phone ringing interrupted us. I could tell straight away that something was wrong.

Barba Ivan had died! Our mother’s beloved youngest brother, our uncle, had lost his fight with a brain tumour. He had taken his last breath. He was no longer suffering. Sadness overtook us both. My sister and I held each other and cried.

Ivan Viskovich 10 March 1935 - 19 March 2006

10 March 1935 – 19 March 2006

I have only ever met my uncle twice. He lives in Perth, Western Australia. It seems so close and yet so far.

I will never forget his beautiful smile, his boyish giggle, his sparkling eyes, and his incredible heart. Oh yes, and his passion for shoes! I’ll never forget that afternoon when this piece of information was unearthed.

My mother and I were visiting my uncle and his family. We were having a family lunch at a vineyard. We were sitting and discussing what everyone had been up to during the morning.

“Your mama and I went shopping” said my aunt.

“She bought a lovely pair of shoes” said my cousin.

I laughed. “Mama loves shoes. She is always buying new shoes. Her taste in shoes is superb, and expensive! Sometimes I’m lucky enough to acquire a pair that have gone out of favour. We often joke that mama is another Imelda Marcos!” I said.

I could see my uncle smiling at the other end of table. His face lit up as though some family secret had been revealed.

As quick as a flash one of my cousins said: “Dad loves shoes too!” My uncle was still smiling away. “He collects the mailouts that come in the letterbox and goes out to buy shoes that are a bargain, much to mum’s despair”.

There appears to be a shoe gene in our family. My mother has it. My uncle had it. My youngest daughter definitely has it. If you are talking to my husband he’ll say I have it to!

Moments in time are special.

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