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Help is on the way

Some days are better than others.

Sometimes we resort to doing things which we wouldn’t ordinarily do.

Sometimes we feel desperate so we take desperate measures.

Sometimes we need help way beyond ourselves to change the situation that is troubling us.

Today was one of those days.

Then I read this quote …

Go and wake up your luck
Persian proverb

I decided to try out Keri Smith’s suggestion – she claims it works.

How to create your own luck charms

Mmmmm … lucky charms and luck… what am I thinking?

The problem is I am not sure I believe in ‘luck’ – well, the traditional view of luck where something great happens out of the blue. Take for example winning Lotto. I can’t be lucky and win Lotto because I don’t buy Lotto tickets. If you do buy Lotto tickets then you have the same chance as anyone else of being ‘lucky’ and winning money. The statistical odds tell you this.

I believe there are other forces at play here. Having to do something yourself definitely figures in the equation. Luck requires some sort of action. More often than not hard work is also involved. The lucky event is generally the result of this. Opportunity is another variable as is having an ability to achieve whatever is required.

We always need to be open to the possibility of good things happening in our lives. So often we believe we’re not lucky and so we don’t recognise the good things when they do happen. I’m a culprit of this kind of thinking; particularly when things are going wrong and I feel worn down by it all.

If you want your dreams to come true, don’t oversleep.
Yiddish proverb

We shouldn’t lie down and let things just happen to us. We have choices. We can take control and set about creating a life which more accurately reflects what we want and where we want to be. However, this doesn’t happen while we are sleeping. It may require some creative thinking. It may take you down pathways you never imagined. It may take time. It may require compromise. This is all okay.

We have to be open to the good before we can ever experience it. This is what luck is all about.

Make a wish on this dandelionI created my lucky charm this evening. As I did so all these realisations came to me. Maybe Keri is right and the lucky charm does work but in unexpected ways.

I am not going to lie down and be trampled on. I need to find the energy to take control.

It is never a bad thing to try and spread the load; trying more than one approach to improve a situation or to find a solution to whatever is causing so much angst surely increases the odds that one of the things you do may make a difference.

Luck will arrive; one way or another.

Here’s hoping luck will come my way soon and that my lucky charm (along with the actions I am taking) will contribute towards bringing about the changes I am hoping for.

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