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Making the most of now

We went out for brunch today; a lovely, casual start to the weekend.

“What are your plans?” I asked my daughter as we were sitting there waiting for our food.

“What do you mean?” she responded. She looked puzzled.

“What are your plans for the future?” I asked this time.

“I have none,” she replied. I was surprised.

“I am living for now because there may be nothing in the future,” she continued.

This made me stop and think.

I kept wondering whether my daughter’s approach to life was very wise. We are taught that we must plan ahead. We need to have goals and dreams that we strive to make a reality. I know my daughter has these. I see her searching the Internet looking at jobs in art galleries overseas. She makes comments when we are talking. The difference is she doesn’t let these things dominate her days. Instead she enjoys what she has now – she lives here in the present moment.

I need to learn this skill from her.

I am reminded of an advertisement currently showing on TV and no, I don’t spend all my time in front of a television set in case you were wondering. The ad is for Vodafone. It is about the life of the Mayfly and it suggests we could learn from the Mayfly about how to enjoy what we have now. I like this ad although I do struggle to see the connection between the message and the product.

The common mayfly has a life expectancy of just one day.

But is he miserable about it?

Not one bit.

He fills his day with the things he loves.

Just think …

If we embrace life like the mayfly

What a life that would be.

Make the most of now.

Do you embrace life as fully as you can?

Do you make the most of now?

These questions are rather thought provoking. I know these are areas I need to devote more time to. What about you?

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