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Little Fish

Little Fish

Little Fish is an Australian film that deals with heroin addiction and its impacts on people’s lives. It is dark and thought provoking.

This film centers on a family living in suburban Sydney. They are an example of the little fish affected by the multi-million dollar heroin trade who swim around in circles trying to make a life for themselves. Some of them are even trying to escape their past association with drugs and create a new existence. Not everyone is successful in their attempt.

Tracy (Cate Blanchett) is the lead character. She is 32. She has a troubled history and an uncertain future. She wants more for herself and works hard to turn her life around. Her goal is to start up her own business but her past follows her everywhere like a dog with a bad smell. The pressure goes on and doesn’t let up.

I was left with the realisation that some things are easier in concept than in reality. Turning your life around is not as easy as we are lead to believe, even when you are determined that you want to create something better for yourself. We can never fully escape the bonds that draw us back in. What does one do when love and trust are challenged? How do you regain what you once had? Should you even try?

Little Fish is worth seeing as long as you are not expecting light hearted entertainment. You need to concentrate as you watch. This movie shows a part of today’s life that all too many people are struggling with. The acting in Little Fish is brilliant.

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