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Living passionately

Passion has become a buzz word. It has been overused. As such it has taken the lustre off what I consider to be a highly charged word. When I see, hear or read the word passion many images and feelings come into my consciousness.

Passion is active. You have to do something with it.

Passion has traditionally been connected with love and its sexual connotations.

It is also about having a love of life. It is about the way we live our lives. It relates to the very essence of our existence.

To be passionate is to be fully alive. Being passionate is a vital part of being human.
Passion is about emotion, feeling, zest and enthusiasm.
Passion is about intensity, fervour, ardour and zeal.
Passion is about fire.
Passion is about eagerness and preoccupation.
Passion is about excitement and animation.
Passion is about determination and self-belief.
Passion is about being willing to change.
Passion is about following your heart’s desire.
Passion is about doing something you love.
The Passion Pack, Worklife Solutions

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The problem is that passion became popular. All of a sudden it was trendy to be passionate. This was not just any kind of passion. It related to work – the kind you got paid to do.

We became bombarded with job advertisements seeking passionate people. Job descriptions requiring us to demonstrate passion in what we did. We produced CVs paying homage to our personal commitment to being passionate about our work.

This has had the effect of killing passion. It became a turn-off. Passion and being passionate has become so passe.

“When I see a job advert stating they want someone with passion I automatically think there’s a toothless tiger with no nuts,” says my husband.

As a result passion has become devalued. A passionate person has also become devalued. There is an automatic assumption that if you are passionate you are loud or extroverted. How wrong this assumption is.

It is no wonder that people have stopped pursuing their passions and expressing them. In the process we have managed to lose something very important.

Living your passion. Being true to yourself. Possessing that burning desire or hunger for something. Doing the things you want to do. Making decisions others don’t understand. Not being trendy. Not caring about being trendy. Living by your values. Caring about others. Taking a stand and living the life you feel deep inside that you were born to live. Feeling at peace with your life. Being happy and accepting of whatever comes. Being prepared to take a risk to bring about the changes you want to see in your life. Following a dream. Being energised by the love of what you do. Achieving. Growing. The excitement (and the fear) of it all.

All these things take courage, and a belief in yourself and what you have to offer to others.

Living as your authentic self can be a risky business, and it is not always fun. However, the benefits make it all worthwhile.

All too often when others don’t understand they either knowingly or unwittingly can make your life difficult. People can be mean. I don’t understand why, but the fact is they are. We need to move on and not allow this to slow us down. It is merely a blip in the road ahead.

Passion makes the old medicine new:
Passion lops off the bough of weariness.
Passion is the elixir that renews:
how can there be weariness
when passion is present?
Oh, don’t sigh heavily from fatigue:
seek passion, seek passion, seek passion!
Mathnawi VI, 4302-4304

Being true to oneself is not easy. Finding one’s passion can also be difficult. It requires hard work, dedication and even sacrifice. Many adults fail to find their passion at all. In the absence of any encouragement, they give up on the search.

I believe we tend to make decisions based on what is expected of us rather than what it is that we want. We don’t listen – to ourselves, and to those that may be close to us who can see things more clearly than we can sometimes. The everyday realities of existence get in the way of unleashing our personal potential. Daring to be different, in ways that is being true to ourselves, and which others may not understand, is a constant internal battle for many.

That is what I mean about keeping your character: such is its power with those who have acquired the habit of carrying it into every question that arises. You can be the ordinary thread in the tunic, or you can be the purple, that touch of brilliance that gives distinction to the rest.

Axis MundiI have been inspired by my friend Marcel who says he has embarked on a journey of re-invention. I believe he has actually embarked on a journey of re-connecting himself with his passion. Something I also long to do.

I was particularly drawn to this image. It reminded me to keep pursuing my own passions.

This perspective of looking up and seeing the light reminded me that while there is light, and we are alive, we should not just live any old way. We shouldn’t accept that this is our lot and it can’t be any better because it can be. We are in the driver’s seat – no one else – but us. We need to strive to live passionately.

I realised as I looked at this image that I spend far too much time with my head down. I am missing so much and I am denying myself even more.

How often do you look up to see the light?

When we are born we are full of unlimited potential. Our driving passion at that stage is to be looked after by being fed, clothed, and loved. In most cases we have the ability to grow, learn, and live the life we want.

He not busy being born is busy dying.
Bob Dylan

What holds us back as we age? Why are we not comfortable being the purple thread? Why are we scared to live life fully?

I’d like to invite you to go in search of your passion and when you find it do something with it. Don’t hold yourself back. Don’t wait. Why waste a minute, after all the search can take a while. Bring passion into your life. Make time for it. Don’t let excuses like the lack of time or energy stop you.

Why would you deny yourself this:

Passion is a source of unlimited energy from the soul that enables a person to produce extraordinary results.
Charles Kovess Passionate People Produce

Live passionately!

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