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Cheaper By The Dozen

Cheaper By The dozen

I was convinced to sit down and watch Cheaper By The Dozen today. It is touted as a family movie. After watching it I felt it had a very adult message. In particular, the dilemmas of balancing career with family such as whether or not working in a higher paid job that pays more money and has more demands on your time is better than having a more relaxed and happy lifestyle but with less money. Does any of this sound familiar to you?

The plot is relatively straightforward and typically American: A successful small-town football coach and his wife lead a busy but happy life with their family of twelve children. When the husband gets the job offer which he has always dreamed of to coach a Big Ten football team, the family has to move to the city. As you can imagine trying to satisfy the needs and wants of 14 people can be difficult at the best of times. The move happens. Between the father’s increasing workload and the mother’s book tour life turns somewhat upside down for everyone in the family.

I have a sister with six children and in some ways there was a sense of familiarity with what I was viewing. There was humour, interesting character developments, and some interesting messages. If any of these topics raise any antennae for you it is worth taking the time to watch this movie.

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