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Walk the Line

Walk the line

He came up with his sound because he couldn’t play any better than that (they’d play faster if they could); he came up with his look because he didn’t have anything else to wear. That was Johnny Cash: too humble to take credit, but too talented to be ignored. Cash burst onto the scene in 1955 playing alongside greats like Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Roy Orbison with a style all his own.
Joshua Tyler, 2005

My youngest daughter Mira came to visit for the weekend to spend time with us before the start of her new semester on Monday. She bought with her a DVD which she insisted we had to watch over the weekend.

As it happens today turned out to be a ‘girls day’. My two daughters and I went shopping as part of it. We came home with seven pairs of shoe between the three of us! The DVD Mira brought with her was Walk the Line. So our day ended by watching this movie.

Walk the Line is touted as the story of Johnny Cash but it is so much more. It tells the story of a special kind of relationship based on friendship and love. This movie lets you into the Johnny Cash and June Carter story and I was left feeling “Wow!”.

The music is rousing. The story is interesting. The messages are whatever you choose to take away from it. The acting is phenomenal. What a fantastic way to end a special day with my daughters. Oh yes, and I am stunned that my 19 year old daughter and her flatmate are completely converted to Johnny Cash music. It makes me smile as I think back to the music of my youth being enjoyed by the youth of today. Some things after all are timeless.

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