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Day 4: Skateboarding

Stefan skateboarding ar Waitangi Park, Wellington

My nephews, who are visiting from Auckland, asked me about Chaffers Park skateboarding area. They had heard about it from some friends back home. This is a redeveloped part of the Wellington Waterfront and is now known as Waitangi Park.

Today was a brilliant, sunny day. We went down to this park to give the boys an opportunity to skateboard to their heart’s content. I was fascinated watching all the young people down there in action. Their passion for this activity was wonderful to see. I took lots of photos of my nephews skateboarding and even managed to take some video footage on my digital camera.

It was interesting how everyone kept doing the same thing over and over again as they tried to perfect a particular move or as they tried to learn new moves. How do we capture this determination in academic learning? What I was witnessing here was certainly not something one sees very often in a classroom.

The photo above is of my nephew Stefan showing me some tricks on his skateboard.

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