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Where has the day gone?

The minutes … the hours … the day … almost over.

I have been working on my blog on things that you wouldn’t be aware of – the behind the scenes stuff. I have downloaded new applications that I wanted to incorporate and I have tried installing them with minimal success. I have become completely sick of the message that keeps coming up on my screen saying: The page cannot be found. I would activate one thing and something else didn’t work. I deactivated it and everything would go back to normal; but then I would uncover some other problem I wasn’t previously aware of.

Working with code is puzzling at the best of times but when it all works you think it is miraculous. Everything needs to be perfect – there is absolutely no allowance made for anything less than this. Working with html code, cascading style sheets and php is not like the realities of every day life. Thanks to my sister Valentina I was reminded of this a few minutes ago when she told me that her new motto was going to be: Imperfection is okay.

Perfection is another crazy-making addiction. Our bodies have to be perfect. Our job performance has to be perfect. We have to be perfect mothers or fathers … And on and on and on.

Are you perfect yet? Neither am I! Nor will we ever be. We are all human beings doing the very best we can. And human beings weren’t born to be perfect.

We were born to learn, to grow, to expand, to love, to create, to enjoy, to see the beauty in all things – including ourselves. But we weren’t born to be perfect!

Source: Susan Jeffers in End the Struggle and Dance with Life (pages 56-60)

I believe we are perfect because of our imperfection. However, for some of us this is more difficult to accept than for others.

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