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Are you trendy?

As one year ends and another starts we typically see a rush on trends to look out for, and lists of what’s hot and what’s not for the coming year. I came across this map on Ross Dawson’s Trends in Living Networks blog which I found particularly interesting, although he does mention we should not take it too seriously. Despite this comment I think this map warrants careful consideration.

Trend Blend 2007 + Map

To see a larger version of the image click here.

This map is the work of Nowandnext.com and Future Exploration Network. It considers the major trends for 2007 and beyond, across the following ten segments:

    society & culture
    government & politics
    work & business
    media & communications
    science & technology
    food & drink
    medicine & well-being
    financial services
    retail & leisure
    transport & automotive

The map is designed as though it is a subway map and I love its holistic perspective. It has tried to consider all aspects of everyday life and represent how all these trends interconnect. There are so many things on this map that are of interest to me and I want to print it out so I can spend a bit of time pondering it more carefully. The River of Consciousness is a nice touch and this is something that is all too often forgotten when we talk about trends – what are the costs and does anyone care.

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