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Day 26: Office chair

I spend a lot of time sitting on this chair!

I was working at my desk late this afternoon when I realised I didn’t have a photo for today.

“Oh well, I’ll deal with that later,” I thought and continued working.

A few more hours passed and I was still sitting there working. Everyone had gone for the day. The only other person in the office was the cleaner.

“What was I still doing here?” I asked myself. I needed to turn my computer off and go home.

I looked up and looked around me. How do I depict a day where nothing happened except that I came to work? There was nothing special about this day. It was like every other day.

I decided to get out my camera and just take some photos. I quickly honed in on my chair. This chair plays an important role in my working week. I spend a huge number of hours sitting in this chair. I am so grateful this chair does its job.

supportive and comfortable
releasing me
knowing I will return

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