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Day 30: The daily grind

The daily grind

I feel like I waste so much time every day sitting in a car stuck in traffic. Day in, day out, it continues. How can I change the way I feel about this because there is no way I can avoid it?

Today I decided to take some photos while I was sitting there not moving. I was on my way to pick up my husband after work.

The drivers in the other cars stare at me with puzzled looks on their faces. I wonder what they’re thinking and then realise I don’t care.

I put down my camera, move another car length, and then I see my husband walking towards the car.

“The traffic is gridlocked up ahead,” says Lynsey “so I decided to walk as far as I could to see if I could see you.”

Now sitting in the traffic isn’t so bad. I have wonderful company!

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