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Day 33: Silver foil armadillo

Silver foil armadillo

Have you figured out what this is a picture of?

In many respects it is a work of art. It is a creation made of carefully positioned pieces of tin foil. The overall effect is to create an armadillo look alike!

Beneath all this foil is me. This is my head and this is the modern day hairdressing experience. No longer do we go to a hairdresser to just get our hair cut. Today it is about colours, highlights, foils, treatments, products, scalp massages, reading magazines, and lattes. The worst of it is that you walk out with a much lighter wallet. If only we took such care of our inner selves as we do on making sure our hair looks good.

All things aside though I am not ready to go down the ‘grey haired’ pathway just yet. The one thing I do enjoy doing on a regular basis is changing the colour of my hair. This is a relatively uncomplicated process unlike changing other aspects of me and my life.

My hairdresser Adele is an important artisan in my life. This is my contribution to the world of living art.

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