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1939 Chevrolet

We went to a garden party today. It was held in Marton – a small town situated about two and a half hours north of Wellington. Today, we formally celebrated my mother-in-law’s ninetieth birthday.

This was a great celebration.

My mother-in-law arrived at the party in a 1939 Chevrolet. I was struck by the beauty of this vehicle as it wound its way up the driveway. A solidly built car that had stood the test of time just like the special person inside it.

As I listened to family and friends talk about my mother-in-law I loved hearing about this gutsy woman and all the things she has got up to, and also the things she had to put up with. I particularly loved the story about the ‘bear traps’ she used to fall into. Apparently as a child my husband believed it was possible that there were bears in the area where they lived so he used to dig traps for them. Lynsey would say, ‘Just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean that the bears aren’t there.’ He also would say, ‘If you don’t build the trap how will you ever catch them?’ The only thing he ever managed to catch in his traps was his mother. As she fell in she would let out a roar and naturally scare the bears away – well, that is what Lynsey believed then and still believes (with a smile on his face!).

The times were different when she was growing up. Having few material possessions was the norm yet people seemed much happier. They seemed more connected with one another. They had to work hard but they also knew how to play and have fun.

Not only were people different then so were the things they produced. They were built to last. Once purchased they were lovingly and carefully looked after because it took a lot of hard work to earn the money to be able to buy things in the first place.

I believe we have lost something as we have gained prosperity. We are driven by consumerism and no matter how much we have it is never enough. We always want more. It is like you get trapped in the cycle and it is difficult to break free.

Today I had the feeling that we don’t make things, or people, like we once used to.

1939 Chevrolet

1939 Chevrolet: Steering wheel

Inside a 1939 Chevrolet

Ruth Gedye, one classy 90 year old!

The birthday girl!

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