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Day 41: The aroma of bananas

The aroma of bananas fills our home

Our home is in a state of turmoil as we get ready to move. I had forgotten how stressful this process is especially when you have to do it all yourself. I feel like I have been packing for weeks and yet as I look around it seems like we have barely scratched the surface of what needs to be done.

Apparently planning is the key to a successful move. This makes total sense yet somehow it seems harder to do in reality than it is to think about. Just trying to make phone calls to get quotes and make arrangements during the working day when you are in an open plan office and have no privacy is only one challenge I am facing at the moment.

Ideally I should have been slowly going through everything and sorting it out before I pack. Unfortunately I haven’t had the time to do this so I’ll have to sort through things at the other end. At the moment I just need to get things in boxes.

Thank goodness for banana boxes; they are strong and they have the holes cut out in the sides making them easier to carry them. Our supplies ran low so off to the supermarket we headed – not once but twice.

The predominant smell in our home these days is the aroma of bananas!

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