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Day 47: Keys to our new house

Keys to our new house

Photography surely is the most temporal of the arts. Even music and dancing permit rehearsal and multiple performances, but a photograph is limited to a single moment. The photographer can mull and ponder at length, but the camera imposes finally the constraint of one blink. The picture that results is the realization of a unique instant. Looking at it, we are aware of an implied insistence: This picture could not be made again. The light that made it is past. The photographer cannot return even tomorrow, even later today, and make the same picture.

Because it is so insistently temporal, photography is also insistently historical. It records instants in the history of subjects that are passing through time.

Source: Berry, W. (2006). My Old Kentucky Home: Images of a State’s Fading Landscapes. Preservation Online, Sept./Oct. 2006

Today was a momentous day for us.

Late this afternoon we received the phone call from our lawyer to inform us that the transaction for the purchase of our house had been completed. We could now go to the Real Estate agent’s office and collect the keys.

We were elated.

After years of planning and looking we had finally found a property that met all our requirements, and today it became ours. For a brief moment the euphoria disappeared as we realised the enormity of our new reality. Not only did we now have a commitment to maintain this house and its substantial grounds, we also had a mortgage to pay off. Our circumstances had changed rather dramatically but neither of us had any doubts about our decision. This was what we both wanted and had dreamed of.

As Lynsey and I drove up the driveway we could barely contain our excitement. The keys were now in our possession.

We got out of the car and just looked at the house. It all seemed a bit unreal.

As we reached the front door I handed the keys to Lynsey. I wanted to capture this moment – unlocking the front door for the first time would only ever happen once! This moment has now passed. It is already a part of our history as we set about creating our new family home.

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