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Day 50: Old web, new web

Day 50

Our lives are completely consumed by the process of moving as we set about the mammoth task of leaving what was our old home and begin creating our new one. I look at the two buildings involved and realise that neither is our home at the moment. They are structures that are providing us with shelter. I start to think about the difference between a house and a home. I realise that there is emotion connected to home. It assumes a human presence – our presence – and a home has a soul. A home is an extension of who we are. It reflects us as individuals and collectively us as a family.

Bit by bit we are dismantling the home that has been at the heart of our families existence for a number of years. This letting go process is not easy because a part of us always stays behind rooted in the memories, the stories, and the experiences that took place there. Our presence though is slowly disappearing with each van load we take away. The rooms no longer reflect us. Bit by bit our connection with this place we have been so happy in is dwindling. Our old home is being transformed back into just a building. Our memories have now been added to the collective of memories of people who have lived in this house.

As for the new house, it is not our home yet either. It is still just a building storing our things. It is also in chaos. Slowly the feeling that someone else lived here only a short time ago is being replaced with our presence. It will take time to turn this building into our home – a place which reflects us, the people who live in it.

How does this link to the picture of a spider’s web I have chosen for today? I have no idea how these connections form in my brain. I took this photo early this morning walking in the garden of our new house. This fence housed numerous spiders’ webs. As my eyes focused on this particular cobweb, with the morning sun streaming down in the background, I felt invigorated by the challenge of setting up a new home. It is an opportunity to clean away old cobwebs and start anew. It is a time to start creating new stories and to give this new house we have purchased a new soul connected to our family.

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