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Day 51: Rubber gloves

Day 51

I was checking up on the status of the various rooms on the downstairs level of the house as we continued to empty it of all our furniture and other possessions.

I looked at these rubber gloves lying there on the ground.

There was nothing in the room except for these gloves. They were a reminder to me of what I needed to do next – clean this room. My daughter had thrown them there as she finished something else. They lay there waiting for me to pick them up, put them on, and get to the task at hand.
“Wipe down the walls, all the ledges, polish the bookcases, clean the windows, vacuum the carpet, wipe the light fittings,” I noted as I looked around me.

The room may have been empty but I still had a lot to do before I could close the door and forget about it.

Cleaning to me feels like an ongoing, thankless activity from which you can’t run and hide no matter how much you may want to. Dirt, grime and dust lie in wait for you. They never disappear on their own. Even though cleaning feels like such a waste of time the alternative is unbearable.

My world at the moment is immersed in cleaning and we are only just getting going. Thank goodness for rubber gloves – my hands would be a disaster area without them.

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