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Day 52: Missing a screw?

Day 52

Today the moving company turned up to move the big stuff like our queen size bed. Tonight, Lynsey and I will be spending our first night in the new house and we are both looking forward to this. We moved the kids in on Monday so they have already spent two nights in the new house.

After a long day of packing, loading and unloading the van the time came when all we wanted to do was set up our bed and climb into it. Our bed is a rimu slat bed which requires the frame to be screwed together before the slats can be positioned in place and the mattress placed on top.

Lynsey got out the drill ready to put the bed together but there was one problem.

“Have you seen the screws for the bed Marica?” he asked me.

“No,” I replied. I remembered helping him dismantle the bed earlier that morning but I didn’t notice where he put the screws.

“I know they’re in a safe place,” he said to me. “The problem is I can’t remember where that safe place is!”

I burst into laughter. As I looked around me I realised there was an endless supply of possible safe places that the screws to our bed could be hiding. Where was I to begin to find them?

I was so tired I didn’t care about putting together the bed anymore.

“Why can’t we just sleep on the mattress and we’ll find the screws tomorrow?” I suggested.

“Let’s have a look now,” said Lynsey. “I’m sure I put them somewhere obvious,” he insisted.

We started looking through all the things that had been placed in our bedroom and in the other rooms surrounding it. I looked through countless boxes and drawers, all full of stuff. Eventually, by some miracle, I found the plastic bag containing the screws. It was all neatly tied up so that nothing would fall out.

We started to put together the bed when we struck the next problem. Somehow in the move a wooden plug on the end of one of the main pieces of the frame had been broken and this affected the assembly of the frame.

“Not a problem,” said Lynsey “we’ll just glue it together and it will work fine.”

“I saw some glue,” I said realising that I wasn’t sure when or where I had seen it. I went hunting and some time later returned to the bedroom with a tube of glue.

Persistence paid off and eventually our bed was back together in all its glory. Many hours had passed since I had first climbed out of this bed earlier in the day. Now I couldn’t wait to get back into it.

“Where is all the bedding?” I asked. Here we go again I thought.

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