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Day 54: Being comfortable

Day 54

These are Lynsey’s shoes that he wears in the garden. They are sitting there on the step by the conservatory door. This seems so normal. I can see him working in the garden and as he has come inside for a break, or to get something, he has slipped off his shoes and left them there. The shoes look well worn and comfortable. He has moulded them to his feet. It tells me I am at home. Only this is no longer our home and this picture will soon be a thing of the past as we leave this house for good and settle into new routines and patterns in our next home.

I look at these shoes and think of the hours my husband has spent in this garden and the magic he has created here for us. Within the next day or two this picture will mean nothing more than a memory – this scene will no longer exist. These same shoes will find a new place to be left in our new house but it will be different. However, I hope that in no time at all I will see a similar scene emerge and that I will feel that same sense of being comfortable and at home when I see his shoes sitting there.

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