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Day 57: The colour yellow

Day 57

I feel like I am beginning a whole new life today. As I set off for work I felt different. I am covered in bruises and my body aches in places I didn’t even know existed yet I feel great and I want to celebrate.

There is nothing like a week of hard physical work to remind you of what it means to be alive. Physical work connects you to your body in a way that sedentary work never does. You feel satisfied that you have actually achieved something and you have tangible evidence of this work.

I saw these flowers and I felt they depicted how I felt. They looked like little balls of sunshine. There is vibrancy in this field of flowers. The colour yellow always communicates to me the message of hope, joy, and possibility. I see yellow and I think energy.

I am feeling excited as we are about to embark on the process of turning our new house into our home. I know there is still lots more work to do but it is all for us and that makes it worthwhile.

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