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Day 58: Familiar things


I have been trying to learn more about seeing and taking photographs. Freeman Patterson has some great exercises in his book Photography and the Art of Seeing which I have been trying out.

This morning I tried an exercise designed to make me more aware of familiar things so that I would stop seeing and photographing things in a fixed way. This exercise required me to have my camera beside my bed. As soon as I woke up I had to shoot at least five photos from the prone position, and at least another five sitting on the edge of the bed. I then had to shoot at least another ten photos before I reached the bathroom. I simply had to capture whatever caught my eye and not worry about composition.

Of all the photos I took this morning I chose this one of the sheets and duvet on our bed. I loved the colours and the angles formed by the folds of the fabric. It looked like a desert landscape and not merely the bedding under which I had been sleeping only moments before. Who knew something so interesting could result from a pile of fabric.

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