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Day 59: Similar is not the same

Day 59

We have this rather large woven pandanas mat from Fiji which used to hang in our stairwell in our old house but it is too large for any wall space we have in our new house.

The pattern on this mat is very simple. It is easy to look at it and think that all the small woven squares are exactly the same. When you look more closely you realise that every square is slightly different. The pattern of the fibres varies. Their are slight variations in the colour. Some squares are slightly bigger or smaller than others. Some of the fibres are loose and sticking out in some squares and not in others.

This is a mat woven by hand and as such everything about it is unique. At first glance we don’t see this as we gather an overall impression. Our eyes focus on the general pattern and how it is put together. Our minds draw conclusions which send the message that all the squares are the same. In reality this sense of sameness is an illusion.

I looked at this mat and thought about life. Right from birth our unique individuality manifests itself even when we share the same genetic make-up and must go through the same process of growing up and aging. We are all different and that is what makes us all so interesting. I am constantly reminded of this fact as I look at my own three children.

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