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Celebrating women

In New Zealand we have a public holiday on the first Monday of June every year dedicated to the Queen’s Birthday. I am unsure which Queen this birthday celebration is for. I always thought it was in honour of our current Queen – Elizabeth II – but my husband informed me this morning that he thinks it is in honour of Queen Victoria’s birthday. A bit of Google searching hasn’t provided me with much help but it has confirmed that neither of these women have a birthday today!

I am not complaining mind you. Having a day off work and getting paid for it is a bonus.

As I catch up on some writing and reading I find myself directed to a video clip on Women in Art (thanks Mark). I think this is very cleverly executed and quite mesmerising, especially if you focus on the eyes as Mark has suggested. I was surprised how many of these women I recognised even though I couldn’t necessarily name the painting nor the artist.

Link to the actual YouTube page here.

So on this Queen’s Birthday I send out a challenge to all you beautiful women out there in the world to honour your femininity and be proud of who you are. Artists across the centuries have identified that we have something special, something worth capturing. It is time we recognised this fact ourselves and believed it. Celebrate you. Celebrate your successes and park the failures for the time being (they can be dealt to later and don’t forget that these also help to make us the person we are). Have a wonderful day and remember to press ‘pause’ at least once today. Make this time count and do with it whatever has meaning for you.

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One Response to “Celebrating women”

  1. on 12 Jun 2007 at 10:40 pm zozo

    Hi beautiful mama! I absolutely love that video of women in art – simply stunning.

    Zofia x x x x x x x x x x

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