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Around the corner came ... the pink bus

The weather has reverted back to its wintry state. It was raining and freezing cold today.

This morning as I waited for the bus I sought shelter beneath the branches of a tree in an attempt to shield myself, at least partially, from the relentless rain.

“I hope the bus isn’t late this morning,” I thought as I stood there beneath my leaky shelter.

“I’ll need to get myself a better raincoat with a hood,” was my next thought.

I stood there intently listening for the sound of the bus chugging up the hill.

The rain continued to fall.

I noticed how wonderful all the plants looked. They sparkled as though they had been polished. Droplets of water clung to the leaves and positioned themselves ready to drop, or slide, to the ground.

The sounds this morning were different. The tuis were absent; we couldn’t hear their distinctive song.

Then the moment I longed for arrived – the bus was on its way. I could hear the gear change happening. Any moment now and it would be here. There is something very comforting about the familiar. Yet the sight that greeted me was totally unfamiliar.

Around the corner came our bus but this morning’s bus was painted shocking pink!

I couldn’t believe my eyes.

In a rush I grabbed my camera out of my bag. I had to capture this moment only I didn’t have enough time. With my camera in hand I boarded the bus. I inadvertently handed over my camera instead of my bus pass to the driver.

His eyes met mine and I had a sense of what he was thinking, “Crazy woman”.

What stunned me was that no one else at the bus stop seemed to react to the colour of the bus – well, outwardly anyway. I couldn’t understand this. I thought it was so funny to be travelling in a pink bus to work. The miserable weather outside seemed so insignificant. My mood was certainly enhanced.

I couldn’t wait to get out of the bus and have a good look at how it was painted. It turned out that the bus was advertising the New Zealand job search site seek.co.nz.

I noticed written across the side of the bus the question: Wonder what they’re seeking?

Every day I look at the people on the bus and wonder what their story is.

Wellington buses painted with advertisements

Spot the pink bus!!!

Spot the pink bus on the streets of Wellington

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