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Looking up

BNZ Centre, Wellington, New Zealand

Look up, not down or straight ahead
Waiting to be revealed to you
New views, new perspectives, new energy up above and beyond.

I had a lunch date with my husband – one of the joys of working back in the city! I was heading back to work and as I was waiting for the lights to change at the intersection of Willis Street, Willeston Street and Lambton Quay I looked up and this is what greeted me. A view of the BNZ Centre that made me stop. It glowed in the sunlight. The building looked a different shape. It looked like it was an arrow pointing out into the universe. It was as though the building was sending me a message: “Look up, look up”.

As I looked up I remembered when this building was being built. My mind took me back to a time when things were different. Wellington was different. I was different. I got lost for a moment thinking about me and my life back then.

I heard the buzzer go off again for the pedestrian crossing. It brought me back to reality – I needed to get moving and back to work.

Do you ever look up as you are walking along the street?

I suggest you try it – you may be surprised by what you see.

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