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Stories stored in the attic

Kids 4 Drama preformance of

I got told off tonight and I felt like a naughty school child.

I was attending a production called The Attic that my nieces Olivia and Elena were performing in. It was held in the quaint hall at the Newtown Community Centre. What made this show even more special was the fact that the whole show had been put together in the previous ten days as part of a school holiday programme. This was no mean feat with about 30 young people involved.

I took out my camera to take some photos, in the dark and without a flash! A man seated in front of us turned around and asked me to turn my camera off because it was making too much noise. It was the digital beeps that were the problem apparently. I only managed to capture two photos and this one here is the better of the two.

Now back to the show …

The Attic was written by Stephen Dallow, the founder of Kids 4 Drama. The story centres on two different groups of children being sent up into their respective grandparent’s attic. As these children sift through the paraphernalia in the attic they find all sorts of treasures including photos, letters and ripped up notes. The confusing thing for the children is that the person writing to their specific grandparent is not familiar to them and this causes them to let their imaginations run wild as they try to figure out what is going on. The children want to solve the mystery of the relationship between Paul and Mary!

I thought the story was fantastic and the stage set of the attic was so authentic. There was singing, dancing, humour, and a a group of enthusiastic young people who loved what they were doing.

As I sat there watching the children open boxes and find things in the attic I was reminded of the BBC Shoebox Stories project.

We all have objects that we treasure, objects that reveal a little about us. Sometimes the most simple item can have a meaning far beyond its appearance.

One of my favourite Shobox Stories is Allan Jeffreys A Dog’s Life.

There are so many hidden stories in people’s lives. Some of them remain hidden forever while others may get told. As my parents get older I realise how much I don’t know about them and their lives. Unearthing the past is about revealing someone’s life journey with all the good and the bad.

I was very proud of my nieces tonight. This was a great way to end a very busy week. Well done to everyone concerned. I look forward to the next show.

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