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Tiptoeing through the tulips

Tiptoe amongst the tulips

The rain stopped this afternooon. I have no idea how long this reprieve will last – I hope for more than a few hours. It has been raining for so long now that I have almost forgotten what life without rain is like. I feel so water logged. Everything is wet and damp. Everything smells different. I keep wondering how much more water the ground can absorb. Everywhere you look small slips indicate the instability resulting from this prolonged water dumping we are experiencing.

Little things have been driving me crazy, like the realities of wearing glasses in this weather. Droplets of water attach themselves like magnets to my lenses and sit there suspended in space. It is quite miraculous how water droplets can do this. Then there is the joy of my lenses fogging up. I all too often make the mistake of grabbing any material on hand to wipe my glasses. I generally end up with smeared lenses which are just as difficult to see through.

Drying clothes is another challenge in this weather. We are all trying to reduce our personal carbon footprint. I try hard to avoid using the dryer. However, the consequences of this decision are pretty dire at times. We simply don’t own enough clothes to see us through to the next fine day without washing them. We have found it necessary to convert our lounge into a laundry drying room so that we can make use of the heat from the gas heater we are still having to use as it is cold in the evenings.

I can’t wait for the summer!

When I arrived home from work this evening I looked out my kitchen window and saw the tulips that are starting to flower. The water droplets clinging to the plants were sparkling like crystals. In the evening light the colours looked magnificent. New tulips are emerging on a daily basis. I can’t wait to see what colour the new flower will be when it blooms.

At the end of a long working week coming home and tiptoeing amongst the tulips in our garden is a special treat. As I did so I was reminded of a song from my childhood – Tiny Tim with his ukele singing Tiptoe Through the Tulips. I could hear his unusual voice and could even picture him. I found myself smiling and started singing the words to the song. Thank goodness no one else was around.

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