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Open or closed?


In or out
White or black
Yes or no
Happy or sad
Positive or negative
Optimist or pessimist
Stay or walk away
Success or failure
Opportunity or problem
Open or closed
Learn and grow, or blame and stay the same
You decide!

What you see and what you don’t
What you feel and what you don’t
What you react to and what you ignore
What happens next and what doesn’t
You decide!

is your friend.
It doesn’t desert you,
even in times of chaos and despair.
It lies there waiting
for the call to action.
You decide!

It is never too late to begin anew;
to change,
to try something different,
to feel the energy of life surging through your being.
Passion or dullness.
Excitement or blandness
You decide!

No matter how out of kilter things seem you always have control of something in relation to yourself and your life. Every day, every moment, we decide (consciously or subconsciously) whether we are prepared to open our hearts, our minds, our souls, and our lives to ourselves and others, and to the events that unfold before us on a daily basis.

Penelope writes that Every moment is a chance to start over. Why is it then that we are unable to see the obvious and act on it? Every moment is a new opportunity, just as every day is a new day which is waiting to burst forth and unleash all its possibilities. New moments don’t know anything about what has happened before – they are pure and untainted, but we aren’t. We all bring baggage from our past experiences and associated thoughts to every moment. This holds us back like reins pulling at us or chains weighing us down. Yet we can choose to change this.

Our mind is powerful. It will respond to whatever we feed it. There are reminders everywhere to help us make the necessary changes – that is if we are open to receive them. This was a message that struck a chord with me on a greeting card the other day:

Life is not measured by the
number of breaths we take,
but by the number of moments
that take our breath away

Over the last year as I have been taking daily photos I have learnt to see my world in a whole new light. I have realised that the everyday and the ordinary is incredibly moving; the beauty of it overwhelms me more than I care to admit. Everything I see and experience is now different because I am different. It is like when you give birth to your child. You become changed forever. No matter what happens in the future from that moment on you cannot undo the experience of having given birth to a new life nurtured in your own body. You are changed because of this experience and you can’t go back to the way you were before. It is more than just a memory it is an entirely whole body sensory experience. You move forward with this knowledge and you see and experience everything in new ways as a result.

I am now seeing things that I took for granted before. What is even more exciting is that I am more aware. I am eagerly seeking out that moment that will take my breath away. Moments have become more important than whatever other stuff the day has decided to unleash upon me.

Whether a door is opening or closing for you at this moment it will present you with a decision. You decide what happens next. Yes, YOU! Having the ability to make this choice is a gift beyond compare only too often we forget this.

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