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Friday the thirteenth


I was oblivious to the fact that today is no ordinary Friday. It is Friday the thirteenth; a day loaded with all sorts of superstitions and the unfortunate reputation of being an unlucky day.

There are many different theories about the origin of 13 being considered an unlucky number. Tracing the superstitions back, the earliest theories claim that in ancient religion, Valhalla, the home of the Gods, had twelve guests at a feast and a thirteenth, the God of Deceit, turned up uninvited. Others believe that the 13 started with witches’ covens having 12 members, making 13 when the devil appeared at satanic ceremonies, although this may have been an attempt by the church to discredit witches as, prior to Christianity, 13 was considered a sacred number, representing the 13 moons of the year.

For Christians, 13 was the number at the Last Supper when Judas betrayed Jesus. It is also claimed that Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden on a Friday, Noah’s flood started on a Friday and Christ was crucified on a Friday so it is likely these days and numbers combined were given the signal of bad luck.

Source: 10 most common superstitions

When I arrived at work this morning I noticed one of my colleagues had a whole head of garlic sitting on top of his computer monitor.

“What’s with the garlic?” I had to ask him.

“Over the last few Fridays I have had problems with a particular computer program. I cannot afford to have it crash on me today so I decided to not tempt fate,” he said to me. ” I came prepared!”

Garlic is a wonder product. I use it extensively in my cooking. I had forgotten about its ability to ward off evil spirits.

Maybe every workplace should have garlic sprinkled around the place especially those environments that are toxic and stifle the growth of the individuals that work there.

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