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Goodnight Kiwi

After hanging up from a Skype call with my daughter in London this evening I stumbled across this video clip on YouTube of The Goodnight Kiwi. I remembered this nightly ritual that appeared on our television screens and felt a warm glow inside. I was transported back to a time when things were very different even though in reality it wasn’t that many years ago. Technology has advanced in such a short period of time and transformed our lives in unimaginable ways. Sometimes I find myself hankering for the good old days and I’m just not old enough to be thinking like that.

As I watched this video I thought about all the kiwis living away from their home. I want to wish you all ‘goodnight’; may the new day that unfolds when you wake bring you all you dreamed of and more.

Before 24 hour TV Goodnight Kiwi signalled the end of nightly broadcasts. The last airing of this animation was in 1994. Today the characters are regarded as icons of New Zealand culture.

Good night everyone.

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