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Angle of repose

On the bus this morning I was having a conversation with a colleague who is a structural engineer. We were talking about the storms of the preceding days which have been really severe and caused extensive damage across the country. In particular we were focusing on the many reports of houses that have had to be evacuated because of slips and the natural forces of nature. As we talked about crumbling water sodden ground he reverted to technical language and started talking about the ‘angle of repose‘.

This was an unfamiliar concept but I liked the sound of it.

As I asked my colleague to explain what an angle of repose was I kept thinking about my preferred angle of repose; lying flat in a nice warm bed. This also reminded me a video my husband had shown me earlier of a tree that had fallen down in a street in Nelson. This tree was desperate to lie down flat as well. As for the driver in the car – what was he thinking?

Rain continues to fall and storms continue to lash out across our land. I can’t wait for winter to be over. I am so sick of the cold and that heavy water laden feeling. I can only imagine what the earth is feeling like. Bring on the sun and the warmth.

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