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Rain and shine

It’s official – we have had a lot of rain but it’s not all bad news. We’ve also had our fair share of sunshine in the gaps when the rain decided to take a break.

Figures released this week by the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research will not come as any surprise to most Wellingtonians. Everyone has had enough of the rain. It has been falling incessantly for what feels like an eternity. Most of us are feeling waterlogged and the ground beneath our feet is still very squelchy. Evidence is all around us of the impact all this water has had on our environment.

About 205 millimetres of rain fell in Wellington in August – 167 per cent more than normal, based on a 30 year average – while the 155 sunshine hours were a fraction higher than usual.

The Dominion Post, Tuesday 2 September 2008, p.A3

As Enya says in her song It’s In The Rain, ‘Listen to the rain, here it comes again!’

I am longing to be able to dry my washing on the clothesline outside in the fresh air, sunshine and wind. I am sick of the ever growing washing pile that sits there waiting in hope of a dry day. On the flip side when I can’t wait any longer and I do do the washing I then have to figure out how to get it dried. My lounge feels like a laundry with the clothes horse taking up far too much space. To tell you the truth I am sick of the sight of clothes drying inside my home.

Today, as I was out walking in my lunch hour I looked up at the apartment buildings I passed along the way and I noticed many other people had the same problem. The manufacturers of those white plastic coated metal clothes horses must have had fantastic sales this winter. Window after window featured them laden with clothes.

I am so glad spring is here. It has felt like a long winter. I am ready to be renewed by the energy of new growth and to enjoy simple pleasures like the crisp fresh smell of clothes that have been dried outside.

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  1. on 25 Oct 2008 at 1:28 pm mss @ Zanthan Gardens

    OMG. Send us some rain. We languish in ceaseless drought.

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