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Do you have a moment?

Moments change lives – sometimes irrevocably, sometimes momentarily, all too often unnoticed. If we stop and think about it we’d say that our lives were full of moments. We could possibly even list the significant ones, but what about all the others, all the moments like a look, a smile, a touch, a reflection … the ordinary and every day that brings life to our lives.

Some moments are so important we make an effort to document them in some way. Others become imprinted and stored in our memories ready to surface whenever we want to refer to them. Moments are about our emotional and sensory connections with people and things – and they matter. Without them we would go through our days as robots and nothing would touch our hearts or souls.

As I watched this Radio Lab video, Moments by Will Hoffman, I saw moments from my life flash before me – a different time, a different place, different person or people, yet I identified with the moment being communicated.The newborn baby made me think of: the birth of my own children and welcoming each of my children to our world for the very first time, the priviledge of being at the birth of all three of my youngest sister’s children, and the birth of my sister’s first grandchild who was born prematurely. This is only one example based on one image in this video.

Our ability to be aware of and notice moments is all about the joy of being human.  Enjoy these moments.

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