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Third time lucky


Back in 2007, and then again last year, I attempted to complete a project where I took a photo a day for a year,  post it to my blog and write a short reflection. I referred to this as Project 365. I failed in both these attempts to achieve this goal even though I have taken thousands of photos during this time. Somehow I couldn’t maintain the discipline of completing the daily tasks I set myself because I allowed everything else to take priority. I didn’t acknowledge what was important to me and I let this task slide to bottom of the ‘To Do’ list. This meant as the days and months passed I got further and further behind and then it reached a point where I thought I couldn’t pick it up again – so I didn’t.

During the intervening days and months I’ve missed not having this focus in my day. Project 365 taught me a lot about myself and my world in a most unique way. I loved being in this process. I loved learning to see and making the time to reflect regularly. For me it is not about what I produce as much as it is about the learning experiences along the way.

Over this past winter I’ve had an increasing desire to give this project another go – yes, a third attempt (I am definitely persistent). I set my sights on beginning this new project on the first day of spring and as the 1st of September loomed ever closer the doubts started to nag away at me. Could I do it? Would I fail again? Will I have what it takes to commit time for me every day?

I discussed all this with my husband and he came up with a great idea – “I’ll do it with you. That way we can encourage each other.”

This idea really excited me. Over the years we have supported each other in so many projects, both work related and personal, yet this would be the first time we publicly did something together. So Fresh New Day was born.


We have been going now for 75 days – a photo with a reflection from each of us.

We have even started a Fresh New Day Facebook page – so far we have 144 friends on there. You can also find us on Twitter.

Please pay us a visit and let us know what you think.

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4 Responses to “Third time lucky”

  1. on 16 Nov 2009 at 7:09 pm Mark Farrar

    I’d like to do this!

  2. on 16 Nov 2009 at 10:59 pm Marica

    Do it – you won’t regret it. Am here anytime if you want to talk about it.

  3. on 17 Nov 2009 at 7:35 am Grace Bower

    great to have this post and find your perseverance is in full flight with 144 friends and 75 posts – i’ll take a bit of time to catch up. So glad to find Fresh New Day up and running – I find that i often share a posting by Patti and others on my fb page so I hope You will have the same cannection possibility?!? Well done you – look forward to sharing your journey

  4. on 17 Nov 2009 at 10:38 pm Marg

    Marica, the first couple of go’s were just training runs! This is a most amazing journey with a WOW factor! Thanks for sharing and for inspiring… :o)

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