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The older I get, the more time I spend thinking about where the years have gone. Some memories are really vivid, others are a bit blurry and some have gone forever.

Back in December 2004 I had an opportunity to meet up with an aunt (one of my father’s five sisters) who lives overseas. I knew who she was. I recognised her from photos. I didn’t however know her well as I had never spent any time with her; or so I thought!

When my aunt saw me she burst into tears. She began to tell me how important I was to her; how she spent a lot of time with me when I was little. She went to a cupboard and unearthed all these boxes and albums full of photos. These were her special treasures and the trip down memory lane began. She had so many photos of me as a baby. Me with her. Me on my own. Photos I had never seen before.

I was mesmerised. She told me things I didn’t know. She shared her memories of a time I was an important part of her life. This was all news to me. I was only with her for that one day so I asked if I could keep some of the photos or at least take them away to get copies. She wouldn’t part with any of them. What was I to do?

I decided then and there to take photos of the photos. I needed to capture these images.

As I looked at these unfamiliar images of myself, I wondered “Who is this Marica?”

I obviously began meandering early in life

“Is she connected in any way to the person I am now?”

I am writing this blog to try and give you a sense of me as a person and a professional because we may never meet. Yet for some inexplicable reason, thanks to the Internet, for a moment in time we are connected. Something drew you here. Something has also driven me to spend the time to write in this space and share what I produce with the world.

Life purpose

I will passionately be my true self as an inspiration to others.

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