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I cannot believe it has been six months since I last wrote here. During my absence I have repeatedly asked myself why I stopped posting anything and what’s prevented me from getting back into it. My mind kept telling me that a blog needed to be fed regularly for it to achieve its purpose (who […]

Patti Digh has posted on her blog my contribution to her 37 Days Challenge which she has been running as part of the build up to the official launch of her new book Life is a Verb. I am so excited about this. The best part is that I will be receiving a signed copy […]

As I woke to the news blaring from my alarm clock radio this morning an item caught my attention. In my sleepy state I couldn’t remember the specific details but I was aware of the ramifications of what I had heard because this is something that has come up a number of times in various […]

In a recent post I wrote about making every day count because life is precious and we never know when it might end. Today I came across this song by Priscilla Ahn entitled Dream. Priscilla has managed to sum up the point I was trying to make only she does it a lot more succinctly. […]

I am sitting in bed feeling totally exhausted. It would appear that I also look exhausted. For days now people have been saying to me, “You look so tired” quickly followed by, “Have you considered a holiday?” I have to ask myself why, when I’ve had a wonderful two week holiday recently and I came […]

For a while now I have been thinking about how I would answer a particular question. This is no ordinary question. It is one with far reaching consequences. This question relates to something that faces every single human being whether we want to acknowledge this fact or not. We cannot negotiate our way out of […]

This evening I attended a celebration at Parliament honouring the contribution Croatians have made to New Zealand since the first settlers arrived in 1858. Today, 150 years later, life is very different for over 100,000 New Zealanders who claim Croatian heritage thanks to the hard work and determination of their (and my) ancestors. They have […]

I received an email this morning from a friend in Austin, Texas. The subject line said “This will warm you” and the message was a link to a video. My first reaction to that what I was watching was one of scepticism. “Is this for real?” I asked my husband. As I watched the video […]

You cannot change the cards you are dealt. Just how you play the hand. Randy Pausch I have written about Randy Pausch a few times in my blog. I feel as though he is a personal acquaintance yet I have never met this man and I never will. For months a daily ritual of mine […]

We spend far too much time and energy contemplating our inadequacies. We forget that we are all perfect in our imperfection. Kate Dillon As I was waiting for the lights to change at a pedestrian crossing on the corner of Cuba and Vivian Streets I looked up. This is such an interesting, and alternative, part […]

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