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“Memoir writing – that’s what others do,” I said to myself. “I have to admit it might be interesting to hear what Trevor has to say about memoir writing. You never know what might lie ahead. Maybe one day I will want to write a memoir.” “Yeah right, Marica!!!! Who do you think you’re kidding.” […]

The power of blogs

One day to go until Blog Hui. Today is one of those special Wellington days. The sun is shining. It has created this amazing haze so that the light is not crisp and clear as it usually is. Colours look incredibly different. It is warm. I am automatically feeling energised as a result. Lynsey and […]

The countdown

Blog Hui begins on Friday. Both Lynsey and I are beginning to feel excited. Two of the international speakers have arrived – Torill Mortensen and Mark Bernstein. I can’t wait to hear everyone and meet everyone. We had so many things to do today. As we were dashing about we bumped into Mark in town. […]

I’m in love

One of my passions is journalling – the old fashioned version that is. In more recent times I have ventured into creative journalling where words are not the primary means of recording a message. This has been a challenge because I have always considered myself to not be artistic. This new form of creativity has […]

Blog Hui update

I am so excited because Trevor Romain will be taking these two writing workshops. I am really interested in the one on writing memoirs. I keep thinking my interest in blogging, digital storytelling, writing, and online human communication is connected and is leading me somewhere. Where? I am not sure. Don’t forget to register for […]

Before getting on to what I am really supposed to be doing (yes, you guessed it, my research!) I decided to read some of my regular blogs. In light of my recent meanderings about life, I couldn’t wait until I wrote again to draw your attention to this post from Trevor Romain. Yesterday my cousin […]

Blog Hui 2006, Wellington, NZ

My husband Lynsey has been busy working behind the scenes while I have been losing the plot. He has managed to organise, by himself, something we were hoping to get underway together for next year – a blog conference here in our hometown. Planning is now well under way. The conference is being held on […]

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