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I am in awe of Randy Pausch. Time is of the essence for this man, and his family, as he fights terminal pancreatic cancer; yet he is not wallowing in self pity. He is using whatever time he has left to leave a legacy that goes way beyond his professional achievements. This is a story […]

I was standing in the shower this morning luxuriating in the transformative power of the streaming water as it enveloped my body. My whole being is invigorated by this daily activity. It is so much more than a cleansing ritual. Being warm and relaxed always fuels my mind into action. I find that the words […]

At the moment I am reading one of the journals of May Sarton: Journal of a Solitude. In it she writes of the dichotomy of needing to be with people while at the same time needing to be alone with her thoughts in an aesthetically pleasing environment. I am here alone for the first time […]

I love catching the bus to and from work every day. The freedom of not being in the driver’s seat and not having to concentrate on the road ahead is fantastic. These days travelling to work and home again means I can relax and let the world pass by. I can sit there in my […]

Created using the Catalogue Card Generator from blyberg.net. Lynsey and I have made the decision to catalogue our books and thereby join together our extensive personal libraries. Our books are important to each of us and in many ways they connect to the story of our lives. When I suggested we do this I didn’t […]

Don’t Let’s Go to the Dogs Tonight: An African Childhood Alexandra Fuller [Order here] Rhodesia, 1976 Mum says, “Don’t come creeping into our room at night.” They sleep with loaded guns beside them on the bedside rugs. She says, “Don’t startle us when we’re sleeping.” “Why not?” “We might shoot you.” “Oh.” “By mistake.” “Okay.” […]

I love books. I always have a pile of books sitting beside my bed and my desk, awaiting my attention. I wish I had more time to read. I treasure the books on my shelves. There are books I could never part with. There are countless books I just pick up when I need inspiration. […]

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