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The concept of a second generation Internet being very different from the first has been around for a while. We have become accustomed to this new Web that links people and that isn’t just focused on helping people find information – but do we really know what Web 2.0 is? … so what is Web […]

I apologise for the long absence. Life, work, and other projects have got in the way. Finding time to write has become an all too precious commodity – especially as it is not part of my paid day job. I have decided to not beat myself up about this but do what I can as […]

I was sound asleep. I could hear a sound. What was it? Why didn’t it stop? The sound continued to ring out as I woke from what must have been a deep sleep. I realised I didn’t know where I was. It was dark. I reached out to turn on the light but there was […]

“Are you really that old?” asked my 9 year old niece, Elena, after I responded to her question asking me my age. I was laughing at the shocked look on her face as I told her I was 51. She continued to look at me perplexed. “But you don’t look that old,” continued Elena, “You […]

The post holiday glow is beginning to fade. You’ve just sat at your desk, logged into your computer and your email inbox is at bursting point. In the background you can hear the familiar ring of your phone…. the festive holiday seems like a distant memory already. Source: Press release from the Mental Health Foundation […]

Many evenings when I have arrived home from work, exhausted and hungry, I have been greeted by the wonderful smells that waft from our neighbour’s kitchen. I have stood there in the driveway and wondered what she was cooking as more often than not I was still trying to decide what to cook for our […]

There was lots of excitement in our house this evening because of a flower. This is not just any flower. It is the flower produced by an Epiphyllum oxypetallum cactus. My husband always prefers to call plants by their botanical names because as he always says to me “that’s their name”. I suppose there are […]

Teacher literacy

An article headed ‘Teacher literacy in decline’, appearing in the Australian Campus Review, Volume 16, Number 35, September 6 2006, raises an interesting issue which has implications on the literacy levels of the general population. New research shows the academic aptitude of new teachers has decreased significantly over the past two decades. The authors of […]

Whenever I search online I stumble across gems that I would never have encountered through the more traditional ways of searching for information. Internet research has it ups and downs. Clicking on links as you delve into sites unearths all sorts of treasures. Some you wish you had never uncovered while others leave a lasting […]

For a long time now I have been grappling with the expectation that I have to entertain my learners. I am being inundated with messages that I must make learning fun and if I don’t do this I have failed as an educator – even worse the message is that I am old-school and not […]

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