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Some thoughts from Perth

I am now in Perth on the next leg of my FLLinNZ journey. There has been an added personal bonus to this trip in that I am staying with family I have never met before. My mother’s brother was on his way from Croatia to see her in NZ many years ago. He stopped in […]

Gathering hardware

I can’t remember all the details of everything I am being told or being exposed to. I wish I had a USB port in my head so I could just plug in a memory stick to download some of this information. I am finding the interviews a bit challenging because it seems rude to take […]

I am felling particularly technologically challenged while here in Australia. All I want is a fast internet access so I can do what I have to and then get onto the next thing. So much has happened in the past four days so I decided to slow the pace down a bit by not attending […]

I am currently participating in an online course on distance education facilitated by Joe Levine from Michigan State University. Have a look at this link for more details. It has been an interesting experience for me as the people in this course are from different parts of the world. There has been a lot of […]

Flight to Melbourne

Another early start to the day; I had to be at the airport by 5am! I am certainly getting used to operating on minimal sleep. I am now on my way to Melbourne and I feel I have well and truly joined the flexible learning world as I am sitting here on the plane writing […]

Tell me and I will forget; Show me and I may remember; Involve me and I will understand. Confucius 450BC Over the last two days I attended a course on Coaching and Mentoring at the University of Auckland Business School. The course is part of the University´┐Żs short course programme, and was facilitated by Anouk […]

New Beginnings

My wonderful husband Lynsey set all of this up for me back in August when I mentioned I wanted to start a blog to document and share my experiences of my year as a Flexible Learning Leader in New Zealand. I was so excited that I sat down and wrote a long message which I […]

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