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Moments change lives – sometimes irrevocably, sometimes momentarily, all too often unnoticed. If we stop and think about it we’d say that our lives were full of moments. We could possibly even list the significant ones, but what about all the others, all the moments like a look, a smile, a touch, a reflection … […]

Inside every adult, there is a child crying, “Let me out.” Lucia Capacchione in Recovery of Your Inner Child I am online every day and if I’m not I feel lost. Recently I have become aware that my online behaviour has changed significantly. My primary reasons for connecting to the internet are either to search […]

I love this reflection by Brother David Steindl-Rast where he invites us to become aware of the constant miracle we live in. I have watched this many times and its message still has the same impact on me today as it did the first time I heard it. As we are being inundated by doom […]

I cannot believe it has been six months since I last wrote here. During my absence I have repeatedly asked myself why I stopped posting anything and what’s prevented me from getting back into it. My mind kept telling me that a blog needed to be fed regularly for it to achieve its purpose (who […]

I bought myself a new handbag the other day. It is big and I am still not used to carrying it around. It feels like a modern day black leather version of Mary Poppin’s bottomless carpet bag. I have been searching for the ‘right’ bag for a while now. My new bag had to meet […]

In a recent post I wrote about making every day count because life is precious and we never know when it might end. Today I came across this song by Priscilla Ahn entitled Dream. Priscilla has managed to sum up the point I was trying to make only she does it a lot more succinctly. […]

I am sitting in bed feeling totally exhausted. It would appear that I also look exhausted. For days now people have been saying to me, “You look so tired” quickly followed by, “Have you considered a holiday?” I have to ask myself why, when I’ve had a wonderful two week holiday recently and I came […]

Today began with an air of excitement and trepidation. Despite all the planning I felt disorganised. Being unwell didn’t help the situation. I had to make decisions and take action because time was marching by. I kept thinking of a mantra my husband, Lynsey, often recites: I’m efficient and effective and I get things done. […]

We spend far too much time and energy contemplating our inadequacies. We forget that we are all perfect in our imperfection. Kate Dillon As I was waiting for the lights to change at a pedestrian crossing on the corner of Cuba and Vivian Streets I looked up. This is such an interesting, and alternative, part […]

I am in awe of Randy Pausch. Time is of the essence for this man, and his family, as he fights terminal pancreatic cancer; yet he is not wallowing in self pity. He is using whatever time he has left to leave a legacy that goes way beyond his professional achievements. This is a story […]

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