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The wind is howling outside. I love the sounds it makes as it weaves its way through everything and everyone that crosses its path. It moves with such ferocity and is completely unrelenting, yet I find it invigorating and energising. As the wind blows through you it clears out the cobwebs and you know you’re […]

Last year I attempted a project where I committed to taking a photo a day for 365 days. If you look at my Flickr page dedicated to this project you will notice there are not 365 photos for you to look at. Some sceptics (including myself) would not be surprised by this. I still haven’t […]

I was standing in the shower this morning luxuriating in the transformative power of the streaming water as it enveloped my body. My whole being is invigorated by this daily activity. It is so much more than a cleansing ritual. Being warm and relaxed always fuels my mind into action. I find that the words […]

At the moment I am reading one of the journals of May Sarton: Journal of a Solitude. In it she writes of the dichotomy of needing to be with people while at the same time needing to be alone with her thoughts in an aesthetically pleasing environment. I am here alone for the first time […]

I love catching the bus to and from work every day. The freedom of not being in the driver’s seat and not having to concentrate on the road ahead is fantastic. These days travelling to work and home again means I can relax and let the world pass by. I can sit there in my […]

Don’t go outside your house to see the flowers. My friend, Don’t bother with that excursion. Inside your body, There are flowers. One flower has a thousand petals. That will do for a place to sit. Sitting there you will have a glimpse of beauty: Inside the body and out of it, Before gardens and […]

I hate that feeling when you stare at the screen and inspiration has left you. Your fingers are poised over the keyboard … and nothing happens! It is even worse when you are under pressure to produce and all you have is this emptiness. The only consolation I have is that I know I am […]

I’m in love

One of my passions is journalling – the old fashioned version that is. In more recent times I have ventured into creative journalling where words are not the primary means of recording a message. This has been a challenge because I have always considered myself to not be artistic. This new form of creativity has […]

I have been an avid journaller for many years. Writing has helped me deal with many life challenges. There is something amazingly satisfying in getting thoughts down on paper. Over the past few years I have tried to move away from solely using the written word to express myself and I have been experimenting with […]

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